Recovery from Sore Legs & Feet

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Dear Danny and Katherine,

I am 59 years old and my best times this past years are: 5k 19:20, 10k 41:20, half marathon 1:30, marathon 3:14. Eve, who just turned 39, was injured most of last season with plantar fasciitis, but her best recent times are: 5k 22:11, half marathon 1:39. Eve, has really been struggling since her recovery with sore feet and not running like her usual self for the past couple of weeks. I knew she was suffering with technical problems. I kept making suggestions but word the associations and comments I was making were not helping. Thursday, almost in desperation, I “googled” ‘injury free running’ and your website came up. I will keep this short: We ran 10 miles last night and Eve and I were putting to work the basic focus principals you have outlined in Chi-running. Five miles into our run she was commenting about how easy it is to run again; by 7 miles she was giggling; the last mile she was practically in tears she was so happy the way the run had gone. The run went in about the same time as usual but it was much easier for both us; far easier than normal. And the best of all for Eve, NO SORE FEET!! This morning came an even better announcement: My legs and feet haven’t felt this good in months! We will keep you posted on how this progresses but Day One I can only describe as miraculous. Thank you for the great instruction and giving pain free running back to

Bart Smith