Ray Zahab

Hey ChiRunning Folks!  My name is Ray Zahab and I live in Quebec,
Canada. I am a professional adventure racer and ultra runner and credit
your method of running for my
success over the past year. I read your book in winter 2004, and it forever
changed my thoughts on running and running technique. When I am not racing
or training I am a very busy functional core and strength trainer. My
clientele has benefited from your book as well, and I mention it whenever I
am conducting a workshop or working one on one with a client. Thank You
so-o-o much for the most valuable fitness tool since the exercise ball! My
results for 2004:

Yukon Arctic Ultra  160 km non-stop    1st place
Marathon Des Sables 243 km stage race 47th place
Jungle Marathon, Amazon 200 km stage    1st team   8th solo
Trans 33, Africa      333km non-stop  3rd place