Ran My Way Out of My Injuries

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Dear ChiRunning,

I am about to run the Vermont 100 in less than two weeks and feel
very confident of a good race and finish. I took Danny’s 2 day workshop
in April just after running a 50 mile race and was still nursing a
persistent IT band injury and sore knees. My training never stopped as
I prepared for the 100 and much to my amazement I actually ran my way out of my
injuries. I had been wearing an ACE wrap with an internal magnet which
was keeping my IT band at bay…but one day on a really long run my IT
band was really bothering me. I took the bandage off thinking my run
was done but decided to “stretch it out” with some light jogging. Much
to my surprise the wrap was now making my IT band sore and without it I was running injury free. I
haven’t run with it in about 5-6 weeks and I am going into this ultra
free of the anxiety of potentially exascerbating or causing an injury.
I run trails so much that I wasn’t sure my Chi Form was holding up so I
introduced some road runs back into my training regimen. I think I had
run so many trail runs concentrating on my form that it had become
almost natural to run with a Chi posture. While my form is not perfect
yet, it is more comfortable and I think has significantly allowed me to
train very long distances with a positive attitude and a comfortable
body with very little recovery time in between. That allowed me to do the necessary long Saturday runs almost
weekly. Please thank Danny profusely for me as in the past I would
probably be a basket case going into this run – the ChiRunning
principles clearly flow into other aspects of my life and I feel as
calm, confident and clear headed as I ever remember feeling and this is
my biggest event thus far. I really look forward to working with Danny
again in the future and have raved about this program to anyone who
will listen.

With much gratitude,
Margaret Bloomer