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Tuesday track workout: 15 minutes warm up, 4 accelerations, 15 continued run

Today’s track workout was quite good. I surprised myself. Ran a nice easy warm up pace for 15 minutes, really trying to focus on form… kept doing the focuses on keeping my ankles and calves loose (and I was trying all week to keep them loose every time I walk anywhere, so it seemed sort of easier, but strange still)

Danny came to the track as I was beginning my accelerations. The accelerations are designed to get my heart rate up by increasing my speed, but really focusing on maintaining my form… We did them together which was easier than doing it alone, I admit. I did 4 accelerations, starting at gear 1 going up to gear 3 during the distance of 200 m (and maybe the last couple yards kicking into gear 4) and jogged slowly between each 200 interval. He asked me to concentrate on smaller strides and I noticed it was much easier to run at this small stride with him next to me. He’s a bit shorter than I am and his stride is naturally and of course by ChiRunning, small and very quick. It was a real ah-hah moment for me to recognize how normal it CAN look to have a small stride. My hips and knees felt better at a smaller stride, almost immediately. All these steps of getting into form really do reinforce how great this stuff is. We closed the run with 15 minutes in gear two and then I stretched awhile…

On a scale of 1-10, it was an 8 run, definietly. I was ready to be done when we were done, and when I got in the car, realized I had a strange tightness in my back that was quite uncomfortable.


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