Steve Small

Thank You for ChiRunning! I have been running marathons for the last 10
years, and I have loved it, but I always seemed to end up getting hurt. I
just thought that pain was a normal element of the marathon experience, even
though my times really suffered when I had to run with knees and hips
screaming. Eventually, my knee pain wouldn’t go away but I desperately
wanted to keep running. I went searching for a way to run pain-free and
discovered ChiRunning. I purchased the book in June and I have been
training using its principles since then with the goal of finishing a
marathon comfortably without regard to time. Well, I ran the Richmond
Marathon last Saturday, and I am thrilled to report that I not only finished
with ease, I set a personal record of 3:57:30! Now, two days later, I am
not limping around on weak legs, but instead I am ready to get out and run
again. I could go on and on about how ChiRunning has improved my running and my life, but I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thanks. I couldn’t
have done it without you.

Steve Small