Progress with ChiRunning in Hawaii

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Since attending your (Certified Instructor Aracely Areas) December 2009 ChiRunning workshop in Honolulu, I’ve made the following progress:

The key points you made were pelvic tilt, metronome speed, and hip rotation. I’m able to hold the appropriate tilt for longer periods, with emphasis on not over tilting. My speed is up to 59 Waltz beats for racing or hard workouts (I’m 6ft. 2in.).  By the way, I’m at 8:45 splits on a 5K, that’s nearly another minute off my per mile pace. That’s  a 7% improvement, since my initial report of a conservative 20%+ pace improvement, immediately after your workshop. Keep in mind, two months prior to your ChiRunning workshop, I was struggling with 14 minute miles. I’m getting a better feel for the hip rotation. That feeling of integration is starting to become more consistent. Which is comforting to know that my stride length increase, the more I integrate hip rotation into my running.  An additional improvement are my LSD runs. Running half marathon distances are easy now. They use to be challenging, not anymore. The same goes for hill running. Hills are satisfying to run.

Overall, ChiRunning has significantly increased my running efficiency, capacity and speed. My thanks to Danny Dreyer and you for contributing to my running efficiency and enjoyment!

Much Aloha,
Chris C.
48 year old recovering couch potato
51 lbs. of weight loss, from 220 lbs. to 169 lbs. in 8 months.