Probabilities Become Possibilities with Chi

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At Chi we like to shift probabilities into possibilities!

Gaining weight during the holidays, having less energy as we age, eventually needing reading glasses –  in life there are many things that are probable which, without intervention, become reality.

In running, the probabilities are not always in our favor. 65% of runners get injured every year. We assume we’ll get slower as we age, that running longer distances is painful, that training is monotonous, and that long runs require a lot of recovery time.

The trick is to recognize the probabilities you are trending toward. If you push too hard before your body is ready, you’re trending toward injury. If you tend to give up easily, you might be trending toward giving up running altogether. If you run too fast at the beginning of an event, you’re trending toward bonking in the second half. If you heel strike, you’re trending toward knee injury.

Getting unstuck from the world of probabilities takes some effort, but is well worth the while if you are trending toward pain or injury.

Then you can make a shift into the infinite, limitless world of possibilities. You can learn to run with less effort, go faster with greater ease, run long with little recovery. You can buck the probabilities and show yourself and the world what is possible when you focus your mind, strengthen your core and relax everything else.

See our chart of Running Probabilities and ChiRunning® Possibilities.




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