As I reflect on the past year, I know that despite the gloomy forecast of the economy, and the disappointing aspects of the recession — I have something in my life that beats the odds of the stock market and that is… ChiRunning.  ChiRunning has changed my perspective on life, I appreciate the value of using my own energy in a running style.  I was at a Starbucks in Leisure World, a retirement community in Silver Spring Maryland, and  I overheard a conversation that a woman in her early seventies said to two other friends.  She said,”I’d like to run, but I can’t!”  I politely walked over and said to this lovely woman that if she really wanted to run, that ChiRunning might possibly give her the technique to run again.  She said she worked with a personal trainer, and after I explained to her about the possibility of running again, she left saying she might just check out the ChiRunning website and the ChiRunning Book by Danny Dreyer.  I’m very hopeful that the New Year 2009 will bring Danny to the Maryland area, and that I might have the opportunity to sign up for an instructor career.  I feel confident that I can bring others into the ChiRunning lifestyle once I go through the program.  Happy New Year to all the ChiRunners out there.

We know we have our ChiRunning that will get us through!