Personal Performance for ChiWalkers

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Personal performance is just as important for walkers as it is for any other athlete.

People walking in events or walking regularly for fitness know that walking with focus and proper technique can make all the difference in the outcome of an event or workout.

When you walk with personal performance in mind, it is like being a lion on the hunt, instead of a caged lion at the zoo which paces in frustrated circles. The lion on the hunt uses what the ChiWalking technique calls y’chi, a very strong line of connection between its eyes and its prey. This connection empowers the lion’s body and moves it forward.

The “prey” in ChiWalking is optimal walking technique which includes a strong core, great posture, healthy hip rotation and relaxed lower legs. The prey is also a desire to feel strong and healthy. The prey is whatever goals help you feel your best. Personal performance is not about how far or fast you are walking, (though they can be good external indicators and goals), it is about how efficient and beneficial every step is to your whole person.

The term “performance” in athletics has been usurped by top athletes and aggressive types of activities. Walking, however — one of the safest and most thorough forms of exercise — is one of the best and most efficient ways to get in shape and maintain health and fitness. In order to walk longer distances, to maximize your workouts and experience the incredible benefits of walking, you need to focus on performance.

Personal performance goals ask you to listen deeply to your own self and do what feels best for you and for your body. When you focus on personal performance, you stretch yourself, make that extra effort, and find the place within yourself that wants the best.

Here at the ChiWalking, we particularly like this definition of performance, found at

per•for•mance – noun
the manner in which or the efficiency with which something reacts or fulfills its intended purpose.

In ChiWalking we ask you to focus on “the manner in which” and “the efficiency with which” you fulfill your “intended purpose.”  Personal performance is not about competing with yourself, as is so often said. It is about expanding and emerging from a strong core of self awareness and self mastery and fulfilling your intended purpose, whatever that may be.

Are you curious how “performance” applies to running? Do you know a runner who can benefit from our approach to personal performance? Click here to read “Personal Performance for ChiRunners”



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