Overcoming Chronic Injuries & Having Fun with ChiRunning

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I have been doing ChiRunning for about 8 months now and it’s changed my life. Everyday I look forward to my daily run. And the best part is injuries just don’t happen to me anymore. I have Mild Cerebral palsy, so running before was a challenge as I was always getting injured every couple of months. Frustrating. I got back into running at the age of 44 after not running seriously since age 19. I completed 3 marathons back then despite my injuries. Now running is fun again after all those years. The best part is, everyday my runs are getting to the point of like floating on air. Every goal I have set in running, as far as distance goes, I have achieved . I live in the North of Canada where in the winter I run in temperatures as cold as -50 on the ice roads. I have cried after some of my runs because I think to myself, is this real? I can’t believe what I am achieving  since starting  ChiRunning. In closing I want to give thanks.

Joe Caidler, Norman Wells NWT Canada