October 2018 Instructor of the Month: Max Logan

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Tell us a little about you. Where you live, what’s your background. What you do in addition to being a Certified Instructor?

My greatest hero is my mother. She taught me to always strive be my best. Also, to appreciate and honor my uniqueness, gifts and talents and the uniqueness and gifts and talents of others. Mom stressed always that service to others is the greatest contribution we make in the world.

Traveling is my passion but my home base with my two super awesome adult children, David and Katie is Tampa Bay Florida. We love the beaches and diversity of the area.

I have an insatiable appetite for learning new things and I always find that there is always something new for me to learn and so much I still don’t know. I have been a social worker, teacher, researcher, financial counselor and presently a business owner. I have a Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice, a Master’s in Education and a Doctorate in Business Management with a concentration in Coaching and Mentoring.

How did you start Running?
I have always loved being active. It helps me control my nervous energy… I have been known to walk from one city to the next when I am really worked up. As I became involved with a friend who loved traveling the world doing marathons, I realized that I needed to increase my speed to complete longer races without being the last one leaving or be totted away by bus. However, I started races at 50 and I was afraid of injuring myself running (running is one of the highest risk sports for injury). While doing a half marathon at the Biltmore in Asheville I met Danny at the race expo there and he introduced me to Chi-Running.

When and how did Chi Running come into your life?
In 2014 at the Biltmore Expo Race, I met Danny at the Chi Running table.  I explained my need for increasing my walking speed, but not all out running, because I did not want to injury myself.  He convinced me that I could do both with ChiRunning (increase my speed and run injury free). I bought the running and walking DVD and became a convert first becoming a certified in Chi Walking Instructor and later becoming certified in ChiRunning.

In what ways has Chi changed your perception of success in running?
I would never have considered running had it not been for ChiRunning, which stresses injury prevention and energy efficiency.

In what ways has CR changed your perception of success in running?I used to think running was something for competitive super athletes, not just someone who loved training for fun and health. CR allows me to bring in CW and CR while still having fun and not for competition.

What do you think is the biggest misconceptions of CR?
That it is for competitive athletes only, not just people who want to have fun while getting fit. The second misconception is that you must give up running as you age into your senior years.

What motivates you to run?
I run to keep getting better at my personal best.

What achievements are you most proud of?
Completing my first marathon in 2014.

What led you to be an Instructor?
While racing I would see so many runners hurting themselves and not having fun anymore. Walkers as well quit because they injured themselves. I wanted to share what I was learning so they could stop worrying about injuring themselves and have fun!

Why do you enjoy being an Instructor and how has it affected your life?
I enjoy being an instructor because I feel I am helping others learn a technique that allows them to get fit and have fun. They realize they can so much more with their bodies than they ever thought they could, especially as they age.

What does your average week look like, run wise?
I CR and CW 4 to 5 times a week. On weekdays I do around 5 miles and on Saturday or Sunday I go for 10 or more.

What other forms of exercise do you practice to compliment CW?
I have just started to add weights and am looking to also add yoga. I also practice meditation daily.

Advice for people new to CR?
Really understand the concept of gradual progress. It takes time to learn a totally new way of walking and running.

Short answer! Okay, GO.

Favorite race you have run and why? Lowery Park 5K in Tampa did it with my daughter and the Buccaneers Race half in Tampa it’s a family race which I share with my kids.

Most memorable race? Space Coast (Cape Canaveral, FL) / My first full marathon

Ideal weather for running? Fall is my favorite season for running in FL with temperatures in the low 70’s and 60’s.

Favorite place to run? Brandon Park Way, park close to home.

Go to before race food? Eggs and pancakes

Celebratory food after? Cold Beer

Upcoming race goal? Ronnie’s Run at Ft Desota Park in FL (October 13, 2018)

Run with or without phone/music? I run with music and my phone

Repeat on your playlist? Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson

If I didn’t run I would be very unhappy.

I can’t run without my phone (also has a metronome app).

My first race was a ½ marathon trail race in Orlando FL in August with a friend…I almost died (IT WAS HOT! With little shade).

My current favorite shoe is Saucony

My most difficult race was Biltmore in Asheville (COLD, RAINY, MUDDY and HILLY)

I’ve run over 10 half marathons and 1 marathon

The longest distance run was a full marathon 26 miles / I’ve walked 50 miles.

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