Now I run for the run

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I went for a run on a trail in Groton CT known as Bluff Point. It is about 4 miles of sandy and a bit rocky trails through the beautiful woods along the Pequonnock River to the Fisher Island Sound. A mile or so into my run, I felt everything clicking into place. I started to feel myself almost floating. Then it happened. My legs disappeared! It was like I was 10 years old again, sitting on the handlebars of my best friend’s bike pretending to fly. I noticed everything around me; sights, smells, sounds. I felt free to allow myself to explore little side trails without any fear that I would lose energy and have to walk back. No heavy breathing. I was able to converse with people along the way, mostly bikers. Finished in third gear with no pain and no worries. I used to run for the finish. Now I run for the run. I have never enjoyed a run so much in my life.

Thank you, Danny.
John Zaccaro