Not your Average 10K

I was out trail running with my friend Bart Smith today, and when I mentioned that I was looking for a race to train for, he told me about the USATF National 10K Trail Championships which are being held this year in North Carolina (where I live).

It seems odd, but I’ve raced every distance from a half marathon to 100 miles, but I’ve never raced a 10K. So I’ve decided to give it a shot. What I’ll do is blog about my training program, since training for a shorter faster distance is very different than it would be for a marathon or an ultra. I’m in new territory here, so it’ll be fun to see what comes up.

After going online and looking up the winning times for past races, I saw that the fastest times were in the 48 minute range. That means that the fastest, strongest, national-class runners are doing this course at an 8 minute per mile pace, which tells me that to say it’s a challenging course, might be an understatement. The only race I’ve done that could be similar to this one is the annual Dipsea Race held in Marin County California every year. It’s the second oldest footrace in the country (behind the Boston Marathon), with 7.1 mile of distance and 1200′ of vertical gain…followed by the same amount of loss. So, if the National 10K trail championships are anything like this (which I expect), I’m in for quite a ride.

I’ll let you know what I find out about the course from the race director. I’ll also let you know what my training plan will be and when I’ll officially begin to train. I’m thinking that tomorrow might be a good day to start. The race is at the end of August, and I want to be well prepared.

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