Not built to run? Think again!

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I just completed your book on ChiRunning. It was highly recommended by a triathlon friend of mine from work. She swears by your running technique and shared this valuable information with me one day when I asked her “How do you run?” And how can I learn?” I am very new at this running thing; I always told myself that I was “just not built to run.”  Approaching my 49th birthday I secretly wished I could learn. I¹ve always been a walker & mountain hiker ­ but I wished I could run free. Now I¹m well on my way!
I finished your book today and I will view the DVD this weekend. I have already tried your technique and found that I really can learn to run if I follow your instruction. I¹m very excited about this!  Thanks so much for giving me the confidence a beginner needs. I am taking it slow and have learned all kinds of new things about ChiLiving. Thank you again for the new beginning, and giving me a small dream I never was able to do successfully.