No Work, All Play

Took the day off today and went over to the track this morning to do my track workout run. Over all, it went well…

I guess I am on Week 7 now of the 10 week program (I will have some extra time after this to keep training, but this is the schedule for now…) There were a bunch of members on a track team who were practicing this morning cause I went a little later than normal, and they were sort of milling about the lanes and getting a little bit in my way. [Note to self/others: stay out of someone’s lane if they were there first.] Sorta rude bunch, didn’t seem to know I was running. Anyway, I kept doing my thing. I tried to not let it bother me.

Big thing from today is that I was having a harder time breathing than normal. It was a bit disconcerting, but the rest of my body felt okay, nothing major. On my intervals, I felt like a slobbering dog, just heaving almost with my breath. Strange. I did the same 15 warm up to 4×400 m accelerations (200 m jog break), 15 cool down.

I was watching to not shuffle my feet, so I was trying to keep my stride small and get my ankles up. I took the metronome, that beloved little piece of gentle reminders. (! I used it during the ENTIRE run today; maybe that’s why I was being ignored by the other runners! I was the annoying one.) When I started, I set it to my cadence, which was about 88 to begin with… I stuck with in for the most part, but at higher speeds, I have a hard time sticking with the cadence, and my cadence went up. (Which is generally okay, but I want to work on getting my stride longer, not getting my legs turning over faster)… I tried to envision ‘sticky feet’ to get my hips to rotate a little more, but I think I should just try to stick with a lower cadence so that when I get up higher, I REALLY have to focus on hip rotation.

I took the time to stretch after the workout and did a leg drain on the track. My knee, same from Sunday, was still a little bothersome, but not too bad, I tried to correct it as I ran, correcting my form by getting ankles up and that seems to help. My hip is a little sore today, but not NEARLY as sore as it was on Sunday after the long run, so that’s an improvement. Today’s run was only 45 mins, so less stress on my hip today than other days.

Scale: 8

I feel good now after the run, not overly tired. That’s all.


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