No more lead legs

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As an avid NPR listener I was delighted to hear the tail end of a story on running. After hearing that story I headed to NPR’s website and began to investigate ChiRunning. At 45 years old I have decided to take my on and off again fitness running to a new level and try to run a marathon.

Unfortunately I was having chronic problem with hip bursitis and the pain would leave me unable to run for several weeks at a time. I finally broke down and got cortisone shots in both of my hips. I had begun to lose hope in having enough time to get ready for the November marathon in my home city.

But two weeks after purchasing the book I am doing so much better than I ever hoped. I ran on Sunday for 11 miles and felt like I was floating, it was only in the last half-mile that I began to feel any tiredness at all. There was no pain and that lead-like feeling in my legs didn’t appear at all.

The next morning I expected to feel more than my usual general muscle soreness and was surprised to find out that there is just some very minor soreness in my abs. I guess that means I was working them correctly.

All this progress by only concentrating on only three of the focuses. What a difference. Thank you so much for boosting my confidence level and putting that smile back on my face when I head out the door.

Sharon Snell
Mechanicsburg Pa.