New Year, New Healthier You!

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Mark Your Calendar: New Healthier You Countdown Sale starts Wednesday, January 1st*

Easily stick to your 2020 fitness goals with the support of

As you reflect on 2019, you’re probably wondering what happened to your firm commitment to lose weight, get healthy, or workout x number of days each week. You’re not alone: 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail by February.

Set yourself up for success in 2020! ChiRunning School is an online program with live webinars, video Lessons, and audio downloads for on the run. You’ll get the full ChiRunning experience from anywhere in the world. 

The best part? We send you weekly reminder emails to help you say on track! 

What you’re getting:

  • Over 100 Video Lessons
  • Companion Audio Downloads for each Lesson
  • ChiRunning, ChiWalking & ChiWalk-Run Digital DVDs**
  • eBooks for deeper understanding
  • Private Group on Facebook for support & inspiration
  • Live Webinars with Danny every month
  • Private Virtual Coaching with Danny**


The countdown begins Wednesday, January 1st at 12am ET– see how the savings progress below!


45% OFF ChiRunning School: Wednesday, January 1st

45% OFF ChiRunning School: Thursday, January 2nd

35% OFF ChiRunning School: Friday, January 3rd

30% OFF ChiRunning School: Saturday, January 4th

20% OFF ChiRunning School: Sunday, January 5th

15% OFF ChiRunning School: Monday, January 6th



*Each discount is only valid for the 24 hour period stated above (based on Eastern Time); we will only honor the discount for that day. The price you pay will be locked in for the remainder of your subscription.

**Benefit features vary based on level of membership. Please review membership levels chart on the ChiRunning School page. 

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