New Love Letter: Running Is Freedom For Me

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Dear Danny,

First, I wanted to sincerely thank you for coming to Indonesia. It was such an awe inspiring session with you and the ChiRunning team that I couldn’t wait to try out all the things I learned from the Sunday (April 12, 2017) workshop.

So yesterday, I had my “first” run with the Guided ChiRunning. It was so awesome!! I was so into the run, I didn’t event notice it was raining that hard. I did 5.4 miles (about 9 km) and I had NO sores or aches. Absolutely fabulous! Soaking wet, but it was just great!

Just so you know…last year, in March 2016, I was 83 kg (182 lb.) and couldn’t even walk over 15 min. without being exhausted. I felt ugly, useless and my moral was just an all time low. I got so sick and tired of feeling that way. I wanted to be grateful and feed my soul positive nourishment.

So I went on a diet, trimmed my carbo/processed flour/processed sugar intake and hired a personal trainer. What my personal trainer made me do in every session was walk 800m, run 800m then do a series of push-ups, sit-ups etc. Because of that process, I found out that I really liked running. I started running on my own.

Running is freedom for me. It’s the only time that I’m not serving anyone, tending to anyone, trying to please anyone…No one, not even my personal trainer, is yelling to me or telling me what to do. So I run.

Now I’m 61 kg (134 lb.) and running!!! Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I can be where I am today, let alone be in love with running.

So Thank you. Thank you so very, very much. I know what you taught me will help me in my half-marathon this 26 February and my full-marathon on 9 April.

I do hope that you will come to Indonesia again.

Warm regards,

PS. Many family and friends ridiculed me when I started this journey. One in particular said “You’re 47, you’d be lucky to shed even 1 kg!” So, here I was…all 83kg of me. It’s embarrassing but fyi, those jeans I wore…they were so tight, they ripped on the inner thighs that day.