New Love Letter: Completed Marathon of Amsterdam with a Big Smile

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Rob ten Have, one of our dedicated ChiRunners from the Netherlands, sent us his amazing success story to share:

I want to thank everybody with ChiRunning .

In November 2015 I stumbled upon the idea to do some running in the winter. I had never run  before, but the  idea cached on and I started on a beginners schedule. I had done some ChiWalking in the past, so ChiRunning was the obvious choice for my technique. With only 3x a week,12-20 minutes, I started conservatively. In the beginning of March I was running my first 10K distance and I was firmly addicted to running. What a joy to move so naturally in nature! I am 44 years old an 1,99 meters tall.

I read your book and watched the DVD and ran every(!) run with the metronome and the Chi Focusses. Little discomforts were quickly analysed with your book and my technique developed nicely. In June I ran a Half Marathon on an ordinary Monday evening just because it felt great.

The idea of running a full Marathon cached on and I got into a 100 days training schedule based on Heartrate. Training went great and along the way I took a ChiRunning lesson with Marion Meesters to help me improve my technique some more. All went well until an old injury sprung up. Not by running, but just accidental during a swim in sea. Just 3 weeks short of my Marathon I could not run 10 meter any more.

For 2 weeks I just took the bike to stay in shape. 6 days before the big day I tried running and managed 1,5 K. The next day my injury was gone and I could ran 5,5 K.

I had confidence in my technique and my schedule, so I decided to go for the Marathon of Amsterdam after all. And all went well! My first Marathon I ran in 4.06 hours with an big smile. My first half was exactly as quick as my second half! With ChiRunning I could maintain my relaxed motion and with deep belly breathing I maintained my ‘marathon heartrate’. With normal preparation I could have run faster, but I was very happy to be able to run and to be able to enjoy such a wonderful event.

Now I am enjoying my deserved rest and next year I hope to be running my second marathon with hopefully as much enjoyment as my first. I am turning towards even more natural running now. I switched from 8mm drop to 4 mm drop and i am experimenting with Merell trail gloves as well. All in a slow adaptation off course.

Thanks again and keep up the good work!

-Rob ten Have, The Netherlands