New Love Letter: Best Running Form Ever

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We received a terrific Love Letter from Lisa G. via Facebook, and are so happy that ChiRunning has made such a great impact on her lfielong fitness:


Best running form ever! Before finding ChiRunning, I couldn’t run due to shin splints. With this form of running that was never an issue again.

I started ChiRunning when I was turning 47, I am now turning 59 March 24th! I am still running the ChiRunning way!

I took a ChiRunning class with Danny Dreyer a few years ago when he came to New York. Studying with him helped  a great deal in achieving the great running form he teaches, along with the practicing with the DVD’s. I like keep healthy and living an active lifestyle.

I am a Professional Organizer by day teaching people how to live with less so they will enjoy more. I organize homes and home offices as well as small business offices. I am an avid blogger on the topic of organizing and i also give workshops at our local college for adults as well as for kids with an after school program.

I am a wife, mother of 2, stepmother of 2 and grandmother of 3 beautiful boys. I am living in Staten island NY and along with running I am a ballroom dancers and I love to golf. And, now I am able to enjoy running without the pain of shin splints!

– Lisa G., NY