Never Part with your ChiRunning Book

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ChiRunning came easily for me when I first saw the ChiRunning video in July 2004.  After reading the book, I felt I had a solid foundation in ChiRunning.  Fall 2004 marked incredible success in my running program, culminating in an “easy” 14 miler in December 2004. My persistent IT band problem seemed a thing of the past.  Unfortunately, I also have a love affair with weight lifting, and in late December 2004, I hurt my left glute with an experimental exercise.  I had to shift to spinning to keep in shape, as I could barely lift my left leg after even a mile run.

Rehab took a long time, and in spring 2005, I began running again, but could only handle short runs, three times per week.  The magic was gone, my sense of flow, very off.  I was still practicing what I thought was ChiRunning, but only learned recently how far off the mark I had gotten!

I made the mistake of loaning my ChiRunning book to a neighbor, so I did not go back and check my form, posture, etc.  I assumed I was running poorly due to cross training with cycling, poor shoes, time off from running. Recently, I was on a run, and I heard a woman remark, “Why, she’s prancing!”  It clicked.  “Prancing” is not ChiRunning!  So, I got my ChiRunning book back.  (What took me so long?! you ask!) After looking over just a few pages, I was able to correct my posture, and instantly, the flow, the effortlessness returned.  I am back to running my old routes as fast as I was last fall; I feel effortless as I run, and the aches and pains have receeded.  My advice (same as yours!):  refresh your understanding of ChiRunning principles and NEVER part with your ChiRunning book!

Jane Steckbeck