My Training Goals are Efficiency and Injury Prevention

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Hi Danny and the Team,

I am at the beginning of a two year training program for an Ironman triathlon and at the age of 42 my training goals are efficiency and injury prevention.

I started back to running last year with a painful shock of running a half-marathon in 2:10, everything hurt, calves all knotted up, etc. I then joined our local running club and my next 1/2 was 1:45.
Anywa,y I located an excellent running coach and we set a target of running a local marathon in 3:30. I wanted specifically to run the marathon rather than complete the distance. Anyway the day arrived and I ran a 3:27 race.

Now I did not want to lose my hard won fitness so I looked at my old 5 year life plans and one goal was to complete an Ironman.

Tri training sent me in the direction of Total Immersion swimming, which led me to ChiRunning.

I have been following the advice in the book and already knocked 15 seconds off my cruise pace with less running effort.

I constantly Body Sense as I run trying to identify tensions and correct my posture, lean forward on my abs, relax my shoulders, pick my feet up, etc. Most importantly, I concentrate on passive lower legs and feet with midfoot landing. On shorter 10K runs I take my metronome to help with the 90 cadence.
The reason I am writing is that I just came back from my Sunday 1:45 min run  feeling total fresh and no muscle knots or aches. It was a joy to run.

Many thanks for the guidance