My goals for the Asheville Half Marathon

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One of my blog readers recently wrote and asked what my goals are for running the upcoming race … I have been going over them in my own head, but I thought the act of sharing them with my running blog readers would be an excellent idea, to help make the goals more “real.” (Check out this article written by Katherine: Keep a Journal, Reach your Goals.)

To answer such a simple question takes a few moments of thought.

My goals for running the Asheville Half Marathon are:

  • To finish running the race
  • To feel not-exhausted 10 minutes after running the race, rather invigorated
  • To keep my knee and hip loose, without tension or pain
  • To stay positive and not bad-talk myself ever
  • To feel like I still have energy in my tank when I turn south on Broadway

What are your goals? Would anyone like to share these goals with me? I can’t wait to write about my race experience this weekend. Thank you to everyone for being so supportive and positive.


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