My first Chicago Marathon with the help of Coach Gil!

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I am a victim of chronic rheumatoid arthritis since my early 30s. I have been hospitalized a few times for its awful effects. I was even warned by my rheumatologist never to run again when I ended up getting hurt. Well, I am one who likes to challenge herself and push my boundaries. I have always tried to stay fit and work out, but I really wanted to do a marathon. My coach, Gil Schumaker, with ChiRunning helped me achieve my dream last October 2011. 26.2 miles was a challenge like no other, but thanks to this running technique I was able to not only do the difficult training for five months, but run The Chicago Marathon all the way through the finish line with no injury or serious debilitating pain. As I ran and hit my wall, I thought it through and adjusted my body form and running techniques the ChiRunning way. Therefore I sincerely believe it helped give me strength and the logic I needed to achieve a successful and determined goal to run the whole marathon. Now, I am planning on doing another marathon to improve my own time and say to myself and my body, “Yes I can”. I don’t believe I would have ever run the marathon as pain-free and with my will, determination, strength, and agility if it wasn’t for ChiRunning’s helpful techniques! Thank you, Gil, for your awesome coaching and your great workouts. You will be my first and only choice for further hopes of an injury free marathon milestone in 2012.

Maria B.