My 1/2 Marathons got easier and faster

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My Name is Rachel MacNeill and I live on the Isle of Lewis part of the island chain that forms the Western Isles of Scotland and I run 5 half marathons across the islands between may and July. Anyway I would like to say a big thank you for producing your DVD and book about ChiRunning. Did my first race using the ChiRunning technique last Saturday. I started to learn ChiRunning 3 months after buying your book and DVD. Within a few weeks I had learned more about running than I had over the previous 4 years of entering races. I have gone from a struggling 9 minutes to the mile to a confident 8 minute miler
or better. The one thing I noticed was by 3 miles most of those around me were running out of posture alignment and panting like mad, and I for a change was just jogging along with plenty left in the bank. Finished in the end in 1:44 which is 12 minutes better than last year, would have been better but got bad cramp. Think I did my shoes too tight, was leaving them too lose before. Got another half M in 2 weeks  so see what happens then!