Mind over Body vs. Mind with Body

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There is no question, the mind can (and more often than not, does) “convince” the body to run farther and faster than the body wants to, or is capable of. We believe it is one of the primary causes of injury. In a recent article in Runner’s World, the idea of “mind over body” is extolled as a positive thing, saying that it’s great to force yourself to extend your physical capabilities so that you can accomplish great deeds.

In ChiRunning we believe that the mind can work with the body to “do more” than you would normally think possible;  not by convincing or forcing the body to do so, but by supporting the body to do so.

There is no doubt that our bodies are capable of great things. All of our bodies, even those generally not thought to be athletic, are capable of greatness. However, the body is better served when the mind is used toward nurturing that greatness. Your mind can be a great leader, or a tyrannical despot. It can rule wisely and with great vision and understanding, or with an egotistic desire to prove its greatness.

Which type of leader would you choose to run your business, home or country? Or, your own body?

In ChiRunning we give you the tools to become a great leader of your own body. To be a great leader you need to be a great listener, and that’s one of the first things you learn in ChiRunning… to listen to your body. We call it Body Sensing and it’s a skill that, when wisely used, can transfer into the rest of your life to keep your quality of life (and running) as high as possible. By listening to your body, you can sense the early warnings of injury about to happen, and make the necessary adjustments to keep it injury out of your running picture.

Another advantage of body sensing is that you can learn to sense when you’re holding tension or moving in an inefficient way. You’ll be able to sense when and how to make adjustments to your technique to keep your energy expenditure on an even keel. When you can sense tension in your body and learn how to let go of that tension, your running will be more enjoyable, relaxing and energizing.

When your body and mind are working together as a collaborative team, instead of a ruler and his slave, there’s no telling what great things you can accomplish… while learning and having fun at the same time.

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