Marathon Training Feels Effortless After a ChiRunning Workshop

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Hey Dad,

The training was so awesome! It talked a lot about how we hold ourselves, our alignment and tension, and whether we strike the ground with our heel or midfoot, etc. Really thorough exercises that built on each other, and we took videotape in the morning and then critiqued it in the afternoon. I have had trouble with the outside of my knees, to the point where I had to take 2 weeks off last marathon because I could barely walk. It’s like a knife in the side of your knee. I was beginning to get it again and really worrying about it, but it turns out I run heel-first, which is a cause of terrible impact. Watching the video in the afternoon was cringe-inducing after all we learned. During mine, my form was so bad I actually said out loud, “Oh God, that is so embarrassing!” Later, this other guy in the class, who got a complete and total running overhaul, came up to me and said, “You thought watching you was mortifying? At least you didn’t realize you have a bald spot!”

Catherina, the trainer, was great. She kept repeating the same things over and over, and during the day I was a bit like, “Yes, I know, repetitive.” However, I went on an AWESOME 9 mile training run today and realized why–I remember everything! It’s been repeating itself in my head. This one was the longest so far in this marathon training and it was one of the easiest and best I can remember–it felt so much smoother and lower impact, and the focus is great–it’s nice to focus on “Now do this with your heels and the ground,” rather than “Oh God, I have 6 more miles uphill.” And now I’m not moaning like an old man every time I stand up from sitting. Whee!

In summary, I will take your advice on good things to do from now on.

Erin F.