Make the Choice to be Injury-free

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Being able to walk or run injury-free doesn’t happen by accident… and believe it or not, neither do most injuries. Although there are many people out there who are naturally talented in running and walking, there are very few people who never get injured. Even the best fall prey to training mistakes or momentary lapses in their technique. We’re all human and therefore subject to everything that entails, which means we spend our lives dealing with the consequences of our choices whether they’re made consciously or unconsciously.

Making the choice to live a life of injury-free running or walking involves making efforts to observe what you’re doing so you can lower the odds of being sidelined for any reason. You can choose to be injury-free by doing everything in your power to run or walk in a way that won’t hurt your body.

This choice applies to injury-prevention as well as injury-recovery. Whether you’re intent on avoiding injury or whether you want to recover from an injury, make the choice to run and walk as efficiently and as biomechanically correct as possible and you’ll carry with you the best health insurance policy there is…for the rest of your life.

The choice to be injury-free begins with self-observation. Listen to your body. Do you “hear” complaints from any body parts, in terms of aches or pain? Whenever you do, ask yourself the simple question, “Why is this happening?” Many possible answers will come, but keep asking that question until you discover the true source of the problem. Many times injuries are layered and the primal cause is not clear at first. But if you keep asking your question at each successive layer, you’ll eventually get to the origin. And when you do, you stand in the unique position of being able to choose to rid yourself of the problem forever by addressing the real cause.

When you feel that you’re onto the answer to your question, you can either refer back to the ChiWalking book or the ChiRunning book, or go to the library of articles on our website to see which focuses you can apply to correcting the problem.

Here’s where choice comes in. Once you know what it is you need to do, make a choice to instate the corrective focus(es) with every step you take until the problem goes away. Your ability to move forward into health lies in your ability to be relentlessly mindful in your movement. This is the true nature of mind-body work. Making the choice for health requires constant focus… but think of the alternatives.



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