Loving The ChiRunning Postcards

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Vitality Abounds

One of the best things about my “job” as a ChiRunning instructor is receiving “virtual postcards” from clients.  Like this one from a 59-year old runner named Mike, who divides his time each year between Oregon and La Paz, Mexico.  Since attending one of my ChiRunning workshops in June 2013, Mike has completed a couple of half marathons, a couple of 10K's, and a 5K.  

Mike finds time and energy for some wonderful non-running adventures, too.  He and his girlfriend Diane recently completed a 10-day kayak trip in the Sea of Cortez.  Soon, they will depart for a month-long trip to Oaxaca, which will include two weeks of Spanish language school and a week-long hike between villages. 

Mike has running plans in store for 2014 as well, and they appear to be contagious.  “My new goal is the Vancouver USA Marathon on June 15.  My son has moved to Denver, but he is going to join me for the event!”  Mike adds, “Diane got tired of waiting for me at races, so she has started running again.  She ran the 10K in Walla Walla, and she is training for the half marathon in Vancouver.  I have been injury free since I started ChiRunning, and I am so thrilled!” 

Que fantastico.

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