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Whether you already love running but get injured often, or you can’t stand running and would do anything possible to avoid it, or you’ve tried running and it was just too difficult or painful, we have a solution for you. Yes, even people who can’t stand running often end up loving running when they learn the pain-free ChiRunning technique. We have thousands of testimonials to attest to this claim.

“Love running forever” actually has two meanings. One is that you can run well into your old age when you run with great running technique. Running doesn’t injure you, poor running technique does. “Love running forever” also comes from the many letters we get from people who say, “Running used to be sooooo difficult for me and now I feel like I could just go out and run forever.”

ChiRunning makes running faster, easier and injury-free. We receive weekly “love letters” from runners telling us how ChiRunning has taken their running technique to a whole new level and allowed them to love running like never before. Even many triathletes who started off with running being their weakest leg have told us running is now their favorite part of the triathlon. The stories are pretty amazing.

If you already love running but get injured often, there’s nothing more annoying than having to take time away from running for healing and rehab. You lose all that great aerobic conditioning that you’ve been building for months in what feels like a matter of days. Your friends are off having fun while you’re on your way to the PT. Days, or sometimes weeks, go by until you’re finally ready to return to your running program and your chomping at the bit to get back to where you left off. For some folks, this process seems to happen once a year … for others, even more frequently. No matter how you look at it, it always seems to get a little bit harder to jump right back into your running each time you get injured. Then, at some point, the thoughts start running through your head; “I love running, but I’m not sure if I really like doing this break/fix/break/fix cycle ad infinitum. Maybe I should take up swimming or cycling. I just don’t like doing this running thing anymore.”

If you’re just beginning a running program and you struggle with it, rest assured that if you take it slowly and spend quality time up front learning the ChiRunning focuses, you’ll be instating the type of positive movement habits that will last you for a lifetime.

We hate to see anyone give up running (or even fall out of love with it), no matter what the reason. That’s why we see the ChiRunning technique as the best answer to the end of the “running honeymoon.” When you learn to start running gracefully, efficiently, and in a way that – instead of leaving you wiped out – leaves you with more energy, you’ll look forward to every new run like it’s a date with a special friend.

The more mindful you are about always working to perfect your running form, the easier your running will become … no matter what distance, speed or number of running seasons your body wants to go.

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