Lose weight by moving more

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Thank you so much for discovering the ChiRunning technique, Danny! My name is Vi Tu Banh from Markham, ON, Canada. I am an optometrist by profession and am privileged to have the ability and skill to help people see better and maintain their good vision. I also do a lot of training and speaking on practice and personal improvement. Everyday I see patients who are losing their vision because of diabetes, mostly Type II, which is usually associated with excessive weight. My wake up call came two and half years ago when I decided to put my health back in order after seeing what I ‘really looked like’ in the mirror (see pictures, before and after). I was tired of going through the yoyo effect with all the diet programs which didn’t work. My goal was to lose 30 lbs and my strategy was to EAT LESS & MOVE MORE.

Within a few months, I discovered ChiRunning in a book store. It was the weirdest thing. That book literally jumped out at me!!! (Now I know what they mean when they say: when a student is ready, a teacher will appear!) I couldn’t stop reading it. I purchased the DVD, CD & book package from your website and started running after many years. (I had been told previously by my doctor that I should never run again because I have a flat-foot syndrome.) Also, I had a few ChiRunning lessons from Mr. & Mrs. Kent from Montreal. My first race was 8 km in June 2007; followed by 2 half marathons. On Sunday, May 10, 2009 I successfully completed my first ever marathon in Mississauga, ON. In total, I have run over 1410km  and counting! The best part is that I am NOT even sore or in ANY pain at all. To date, I have lost 30lbs; 13% body fat and 6 inches off my waist and am determined to stay healthy for the rest of my life. I am telling anyone I know about ChiRunning. I hope to one day be a ChiRunning trainer so others can benefit from this amazing transformational technique. I would love to meet Danny, Katherine and the ChiRunning family.

Thank you so much again for discovering the ChiRunning technique! I couldn’t have done it without it!!!