Long Sunday Run… please get better!

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Went for a run today in Bent Creek with Ivan. LSD, mid afternoon. 5.35 miles, supposed to be 60 minute run.

Okay, something’s got to change here. I’m starting to wonder if running really is for me. Ivan and I went together to Bent Creek, which is absolutely gorgeous. I was really excited for the run this morning, but by the time we got out to Bent Creek, it was the middle of the day, and hot hot hot (probably only like 75, but nevertheless…)

The route was a loop/out and back around the lake, and the first 30 mins were okay, but right at the 1/2 way mark I just absolutely tanked. I got a major side ache, and strangely, my right shin was sore. I was being a baby. I think I was going too fast for the first 30 minutes, and I should have held back. I think all told, actual running time, was more like 50-55 minutes. I think the heat, plus having eaten a little something in the morning contributed to my sideache… I was able to use my breathing (5 out, 4 in) to make the ache go away, which was good.

We stretched at the end, Ivan did very well and pulled ahead of me after the 30 minute mark. (For those of you who don’t know, Ivan is NOT a runner. He’s built like one, but doesn’t particularly enjoy it. Amazes me when he can go out with me and kick my butt!) It was more hilly than normal, and it was also wood chips/dirt/gravel which I shouldn’t have done (changing two variables…) but I didn’t know! Now I know, so next time I got out to do that loop (maybe in the early morning and a double loop when I am up to 10 milers) I’ll remember than and be prepared!

Scale: 4. Ugh.


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