Long Slow Distance … and it’s only getting longer

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So it’s Sunday. Had a long run today. Woke up energized to do the run and felt good about it. Got enough sleep last night that I felt alert.

I didn’t have a plan of where I was going to run, so I just left the house and did a really random loop. Here is an approximation of what I did. I ran down this massive hill (I forgot that it was so long…) and at the bottom of the hill did three separate short out/backs so that I could stay on flats for a little while before having to pump back up that hill… when I started back up Sand Hill Rd, I was really focusing on using my arms and just trying to take the smallest steps possible.

Surprisingly, the hill seemed much much much shorter on the way up than it did on the way down, and I have to say that it was an experience I’ve never had before: ALWAYS in the past, uphills have been painful for me and I have wished their demise. But today, it was like, “Huh! Woe, I’m already at the top?! Well I could keep going…?! “… Once I got to the top of the hill, it was like this immediate relief, but not the sort of relief I have felt in the past: this relief was “I am glad it’s flat now, but I’m okay.” In the past the relief was like this: “Get me off this god forsaken uphill.”

I stayed on a flat road, Haywood, for the duration of the run, doing another out/back thing to stay flat.Then I went on this crazy little hill thing again by my house, nothing very long, but it’s just hill everywhere in Asheville.

My knees were a little achy but nothing problematic. I was glad when the run was finished, but I really felt good about it.

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