LSD, Sunday, VAIL?!

Today is Monday, it is Labor Day… we got back to Asheville today and I did manage to do my run yesterday in Vail.

I ran the full 50 minutes according the schedule LSD… we were in the heart of the Vail Valley so I ran along the footpath that follows the river through town. It was more hilly than anything I have tackled in Asheville (miraculously I have avoided hills here so far) and also miraculously the run went well.

The last 10 minutes were hard, but otherwise, it went very well. At altitude, I’ll give myself a break. My hip was a bit sore, which i expected from traveling and whatnot… I really tried to focus on my form and Ivan ran with me. I did a poor job of working with him because hills were prohibitively hard for him and he bailed al ittle early (which resulted in a 30 minute delay in our meeting point and we discovered that we should AWLAYS meet at the location where we began the run… take note, people.)

anyway, there were some pretty burly hills which I really managed to tackle well but just falling into them, both up and down. It was lovely next to the river and we went early so it was still chilly, and the sky was very clear with lots of sun.

The scale is probably a 6 or 7, but i was really proud of having finished the run with success at such an extreme altitude change. it was a 50 minute long run, which was 5 minutes longer than normal. Danny told me when I got back that I only want to change ONE variable per run. So technically, because I was at altitude, I could have still stayed at the 45 minute time mark, just a note to consider. Something I didn’t even think about but it makes so much sense!


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