little or no pain

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I have been a skeptic my entire life in all areas: business models, exercise plans, diets, philosophy, etc. But, after reading through your book, ChiRunning, and practicing these techniques, I feel as though I owe everyone I meet a chance to try ChiRunning. As you can tell, I am a born-again runner from a basketball/tennis past. My knees and lower back have always bothered me and the prospect of running on asphalt/concrete was enough to bring me to tears. I could run on unforgivable surfaces once per week then spend the next 3-4 days recovering with no activity. Now, with ChiRunning, I have gone on 2 hour runs a few times and played tennis or spin class the same day with little or no pain. I attribute all of this to ChiRunning.

Last thing, I am a clydesdale class (>200 Lbs) runner, and all of the above applies. I don’t want people out there thinking that only the skinny folks are allowed to run!

Thanks again,
Craig Albritton