Little Chi Runner/Future Marathoner

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I have to share this! I just did an impromptu cross country run with my 6 yr. old son. We ran 1 1/2 miles and he never stopped, save for scratching his leg once and half of the time I had to keep up with him. I took his cue and ran in people’s yards for the heck of it. Everyone that noticed us lit up with excitement and were enthralled by my little man. At one point he asked me to take a video of him to send to you guys. He pretended he was Danny Dreyer and was talking about the benefits of ChiRunning.

His spiel: “Hey guys! If you want to be a good runner all you have to do is run like me – a kid… – Knees down, heels up – knees down, heels up…”

One word: Awesome! It was the best run of my life hands down. Nothing but fun. No pain and I was supposed to record our time, but I forgot. 🙂 Awesome. One photo is prior to the run, when he wanted to do “Body Looseners” (Too cute). The other one is from behind him is, without question, perfect form. Unbelievable.