Learning to (Chi) Run at 58

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A few months ago I started walking on my treadmill to help me lose weight. Gradually I added jogging, and then running.  I was so surprised that I was able to run and enjoy it! (I hated running distance in High School).  I began to research running as an older person (I’m now 58), and was concerned about injuries, etc., and ended up finding the ChiRunning web site.  I watched the videos, I read excerpts.  It was the only thing I’ve ever read that makes sense, scientifically, medically, physically, every way.  I really wanted to learn more about  ChiRunning, but I knew that I needed help beyond just reading.  So, the web site directed me to a Certified ChiRunning instructor here locally in Springfield, MO.  I want to tell you that Sue Young-Johnson is amazing!  I watched her run and thought “how can anyone run and look so relaxed?”  I knew right then that this is what I want and need to do.  Sue’s instruction and encouragement and Danny’s book and other helps are making all the difference.  I look forward to running for the rest of my life and doing it without injury.  Thank you Sue, and thank you to Danny and the rest of the great ChiRunning staff!