Learning the Lean

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I read ChiRunning four years ago, the book was a gift from my mother. Then over the summer I had the opportunity to attend a workshop with Danny in MA. I actually cried during one of the days, unfortunately not that time from joy but frustration! I wanted to run effortlessly right away, but was struggling so much with the lean. Though I didn’t “learn the lean” during those sessions, I felt it once when we were running up a hill, and Danny said…”lean more…more…more….like you’re nose is going to scrape the pavement…that’s it! Feels weird, but keep it until that tree…..”. I felt it…for a moment! More than “learning to run”, Danny’s gentle approach to this graceful sport/art has truly saved me from a lot of heartache and injuries. I don’t suffer like my other college friends from “running through pain” (and consequently into injuries….). I run for the pure fun and joy of it!

After the camp I bought the book for my friends birthday…just after chapter 1 she called me and said “I can’t believe how many people walk the wrong way…their feet aren’t even pointing forward…!!”. That was five months ago and she is now running her first half marathon this Saturday in Disney.  I told her about the ChiMarathon book, the ChiRunning School, ChiWalking ,and your newsletter. I have become quite evangelical of this technique. Not because it has helped me as a runner, but also it has overflowed into every area that I let it. So many times Danny’s words will come to mind, one of the most helpful being waking up and just accessing your body…like an x-ray machine. This makes me so much more aware of what I should eat/do/run that day. I could go on and on (and on and on) but thank you. I hope to see you in another retreat soon!