Knee surgery doesn’t have to mean the end of running!

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I’ve run for 20 years fairly competitively but after 3 knee surgeries… was feeling that my days of running competitively were over.  I read “ChiRunning” on a business trip this winter and was interested (but skeptical).  I started training hard using the techniques as best I could on my own.

At 48 I have now run 3 ultra trail marathons this spring winning 1 and finishing 2nd twice to guys 15 years younger than me.  Set masters course records in both my races.

I’ve quit taking all the “joint” medications I was taking for my knees and am doing 60 mile weeks with lots of hard runs.  I now look forward to my long 26 mile runs knowing I won’t feel like an old man after the workout.

I’m looking forward to years of successful running and think my new form has helped me to achieve my goals.

Thanks.  Hopefully soon I will be able to take a class to refine my technique and improve more.

Lanny G