Knee pain in the Army is gone!

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Dear [Certified Instructor] Kari,

I wanted to thank you for coming to teach our group your running techniques. The group that took the class with me has had the same experiences as I have. There were quite a few people that hated running because it hurt so much. Now people tell me how they actually look forward to running now because the pain they used to have from running is gone. The biggest lesson that people learned while in your class were  the simple mechanics on how to run properly.

Before taking your running class I was having huge problems with my right knee, and I seemed to develop some sort of running injury at least every two to three months. Since taking your class I have had no issues with my knee and have had no injuries running since while applying the techniques that you taught me.  As soon as I was able to understand and applied the techniques that you taught us all the pain I used to have associated with running went away and my times started getting faster by the minute. Thank you so much for coaching our group.

Thank you,
C. Frost