Keeping the Chi Flowing in this Big Country is Really Special

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We received such a thoughtful Love Letter from one of our dedicated ChiRunners in Alaska, letting us know how much she enjoys the ChiRunning School and applying the Chi Principles to her daily life!

There are very few online subscriptions that I purchase. ChiRunning/Walking has really changed me and my outlook/skill over this last year – having the weekly contact/inspiration/instruction has successfully kept improvement on my plate.

I’m happily challenging myself physically. Personally, I am now preparing for one of those fabled Grand Canyon Rim-to-Rim-to-Rim hikes at Christmas.

My husband and I are really enjoying getting this together (gear, conditioning, geology) – and our goal is to press on and not injure ourselves.

Chi principals are at the core of all our prep – and we thank you, Team Chi! Keeping the chi flowing in this big country is really special.

Victoria B., Alaska