Keep Your Chi Flowing for Winter Health

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Many people are interested in how Katherine and I keep healthy during the winter. We have some reliable routines and preventive measures that help keep colds and flu at bay and keep us feeling positive and energetic. These are the practices that go beyond the ChiRunning technique and ChiWalking technique and begin to expand into ChiLiving.

First and foremost, focus on the basics: exercise, good nutrition, fresh air, and more rest and internal time. We take this seriously. Somehow getting older means we’re more susceptible to winter’s maladies, so we are either ChiRunning or ChiWalking almost every day; we’re eating many more fruits and vegetables than ever before; and we always try to balance out all of our activity with some down time.

Exercise is Key: Exercise is crucially important to keep the chi moving in our bodies. Many people slow their running and walking routines down too much in the winter. It’s a good season for more rest, but exercising is absolutely key to keeping healthy. I don’t run as fast or far, but I do go running and lately I’ve really been enjoying walking long distances in the woods. You can exercise indoors if the weather isn’t friendly, but getting the right clothes and getting outside and breathing some fresh air is always best when conditions allow. There are always times when getting out is not a good idea, but effort should be made to get fresh air. If you do need to be indoors, mall walking or running/walking on the treadmill is a great way to keep moving.

Make running and walking a regular part of your life all year long.

Good Nutrition: Eat Fresh Nutrient-rich Foods
Holidays are the hardest time to eat well. Tempting sweets and baked goods are everywhere and it feels like a treat to eat a bit more and indulge. In most cultures celebration and food are closely linked. The key is to counterbalance it with foods that are high in nutrients and low in calories – specifically vegetables. Eating plenty of fresh vegetables can do a world of good to build your immune system and fight off illnesses. It’s also smart to go online and find a list of alkaline foods to help counteract the high acid content of the sweet holiday foods that are always so plentiful and tempting.

Additional Preventive Measures: We both, however, like to indulge every now and then in something sweet and delicious; we certainly don’t always get enough sleep; and we’re pretty busy. So, if we start feeling a twinge of a cold or creepiness coming on we do two things:
1. Take Occiloccinum
2. Take buffered vitamin C

Occiloccinum is a homeopathic remedy that has helped us many, many times. These days I’ve even seen in it regular pharmacies occasionally, but it can always be found at a natural foods store. It comes in little vials. Rather than taking an entire vial, we’ll take 1/3 or 1/2 the vial at a time. (Makes it a little less expensive). We’ll take this amount if we’re around anyone with a cold just as a preventive measure or if we begin to feel even the slightest inkling of something amiss in our system.

We also take a buffered vitamin C pretty regularly…not every day, but many days and especially if we’ve eaten something sweet or are feeling at all tired, run down or vulnerable to getting sick. We don’t take regular vitamin C because most have added sweeteners and a buffered vitamin C helps bring your system back to an alkaline balance. One teaspoon of our powdered vitamin C contains about 3000mg of C … a healthy dose.

Wintertime is a deep, rich and restful time and much more enjoyable when we’re healthy.

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