“keep on keepin’ on” is the word.

got up early this morning and headed out the door… was gone for awhile, but I don’t know exactly how long because I chose not to wear my watch/HR monitor at all. I just wanted to get out there and see how I felt without feeling the ‘should’ stuff.

Here is the route, it was about 4 miles. I felt pretty decent throughout the run, but my right hip is sore and my knee was a little strange.

I have been going to acupuncture regularly for the last month, once per week, to tackle the knee issue and yesterday for the first time since race day afternoon, it didn’t bother me. That was pretty awesome. The run didn’t seem to excacerbate it either, so it’s just a matter of keeping up with stretching and preventive maintenance.

My hip is another dumb thing. From WAY back late last summer, right before I really got into training, my poor hip has been struggling. It comes and goes, but I also think the cold weather doesn’t help much.

In any event, I felt great today running. I was trying to envision my column just falling over and over again and making sure my midfoot strike was landing behind my center of mass. It felt right and the reflection in the glass windows of retail fronts seemed to reflect the same!

I ran with music again, just to keep a smile on my face. Although this isn’t the exact order that the music played, here are some of the songs that kept me going:

  1. Pictures of You, The Cure
  2. I Feel it All, Feist
  3. Free Your Mind, En Vogue
  4. Lovin’, En Vogue
  5. Rebirth of Slick, Digable Planets
  6. Hey Tonight, Credence Clearwater Revival
  7. Some Days You Gotta Dance, Dixie Chicks
  8. … then my iPod died. No batteries left :(

Hope you are all having a wonderful Sunday.


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