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We all have dreams, hopes and desires to live a good, healthy life. There is a proven way to not only reach your goals, but to be more deeply enriched by the process, and that is to write down your goals and then keep a log or journal about your experience.

Want to run a marathon? Complete a 10K? Losing weight is a very common need and desire. Perhaps you want to exercise regularly, but something always seems to stop you.

The solution is to write down what you want. Now. Find a piece of paper and write down one thing you want. The act of writing is a very powerful agent for fulfilling your desire. The act of writing makes real what is otherwise just a thought or feeling inside you. When that thought or feeling is put into print, it begins to take form.

Those few words you have written down will become richer and more real the more you write. The process of rereading what you have written is also very powerful in manifesting what would otherwise be a fleeting thought without form. When you read your own words you create a deeper connection to that goal or desire. In reading old journals I am amazed how realizations that I wrote down years ago flood through me again as I read a few words that reflect that new understanding. “Yes,” I think with gratitude. “I remember that day when I felt so tired and down and I was transformed by that walk at sunset.” I decided to walk in the afternoons again.

That memory would be gone, another fleeting experience, but since I wrote it down, I got to relive it many years later and benefit from it again.

Here is a letter from one of our clients regarding her consistent use of the ChiWalking Workbook:

I am proud to say that … I have been consistent. I have never stayed with an exercise program this long and I have kept increasing my ability each week (Gradual Progress, of course!) What helped the most? Using the Workbook everyday. That was the best tool I have ever had. I filled in every page, continued with the blank pages and now I have started my own walking journal.” – Geri L.

Have you noticed that it’s October? Where did the year go? Feels like yesterday that I was celebrating the New Year, and it is already October. But as I look through my journal I remember and see how much life I have lived — running, walking, meditating, teaching, working towards being a better parent, partner, friend. Wow, life has been full, and good and I have accomplished a lot.

I wouldn’t realize all that if I had not taken the time to write down my experience. Danny and I have started bringing a little voice recorder with us when we go out to exercise, because it is when we learn the most about ourselves and our practices of ChiWalking and ChiRunning. When we come back we listen and jot down any important notes that will help sustain that understanding and nurture that new idea.

I have a friend who has lost 90 lbs. That is quite an amazing accomplishment. She writes down what she eats, and she graphs her weight loss. Some days when she is frustrated by how far she still has to go, she looks at that graph, and it keeps her going. She reads what she has eaten and remembers that a good diet feels better than eating too much or eating junkie food.

Danny keeps track of his splits when he does interval training. He comes home and writes down what is on his watch and next week he’ll note the difference. He’s especially good about this when training for an event. That information feeds his desire and educates him and helps him next year when training for the same event. It is worth the few minutes he takes to write it down.

It is easy to get started. Try starting a fitness journal and take a quick stab at filling our your vision and goals. Don’t belabor it or feel it has to be perfect. You can go back to it and fill it in over time. Write down a few notes for your physical and emotional assessments. If you have lots of time, be thorough, but if you don’t, just get a few words down. Then use your journal as often as possible to keep track of your workouts. Track your weekly times or mileage. Graph your weight loss. Write down those realizations that happen when you try a new focus, and lo and behold, it works!! Get systematic about practicing Form Focuses.

Then, let us know how your logging is helping you. We’d love to hear from you, and we’ll read your letter and share it with others. It will remind us all of what we can all accomplish when we work together.

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