Just Completed My 5th 1/2 Ironman

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I just completed my 5th 1/2 Ironman and for the first time, I ran the full 1/2 marathon portion!!!  Since I have been practicing ChiRunning, I have noticed that I can run steadily even after just cycling long distances.   I am 60 years old and am training for the Canada Ironman in August.  This will be my third.  Up until now, I have always had an awesome bike ride but never have anything left for the run.  In this race that I just did, I averaged 30kph on the bike and was still able to get off and run 20K, only stopping for "bathroom" breaks.  Hopefully, in the Ironman coming up I can do the same.  I also suffer from a mild case of Parkinsons but with my exercise program I have been able to keep it at bay.

Thank you so much for offering such an incredible way of running that brings success in so many ways.

God Bless,