i was a wah-wah today.

Poor Ivan. I woke up whiny and it’s 7pm and it’s still coming out of me!

It was a beautiful day, a bit chilly, but sunny and there is still color in this area. I didn’t decide what route I was going to run, so I was having a battle about it. I got on mapmyrun and came up with this one. Ivan had driven out there recently, and said that it was relatively flat and a good place to run a loop.

We decided that he’d go tour around and take pictures and meet up with my on various parts of the route and give me water and take pictures. (See below, comments regarding my form I’ve included.)

I didn’t want to run today, so when I got out there, it was sort of a forced march. Like a said: Wah Wah.

Who am I to be complaining? I live in a beautiful state, an amazing city, and charming house, have all the love in the world around me, an extraordinary job and perfect health. Why the hell was I complaining? I was laying in bed thinking how ungrateful I was and I wished that one of you blog-readers could offer up some advice right that moment that might make me feel better and get me out the door.

Ivan ultimately kicked me in the butt and said, “You need to figure out your routes in the evening so you can’t get so emotionally aggravated in the morning.” So true.

Anyway, I took the metronome and no water (Ivan was to provide a water bottle on the route when I saw him). I was fairly ‘light’ compared with last week (water, ipod, metronome, paper route)… It really was a lovely day and I didn’t have much to complain about.

Since it’s been awhile since I got home from the run, I am just going to itemize things, in no particular order, that I felt, experienced, or focused on:

  • focused small stride, good arm swing (i think my shoulders have been swinging lately) at the beginning
  • i only used my metronome on and off for the run: i was at about 87 the entire run, even when I was tired.
  • after beginning the run, it was apparent that the course wasn’t as flat as I was anticipating and that was a little scary
  • i am proud to report i didn’t walk at any point, but did stop for about 20 seconds to drink water
  • based on the pictures, I think i was tired and not into the run. my form isn’t great but there is a good one with my lean showing very well!
  • my knees started aching about 50 mins into the run and i didn’t like it, so I started to really work on just focusing on keeping everything perfect, keeping my form good and keeping my stride small, my arms swing correct, my core engaged, my lean going.
  • i felt a couple of times perfectly relaxed and that was a nice feeling.
  • i didn’t really focus on much of anything at a very intense level. I was admiring the leaf colors, but trying to make sure the cars driving on the road could see me, cause it was a 2 lane road and some tight curves on hills
  • i was a little annoyed/excited about the hills so I just tried to really use my arms and think ‘creepy slow’. it worked.
  • i got a mini side stitch about 1/2 way through the run but it went away. i just quit thinking about it, and it seemed to take care of itself.

… I was glad when the run was over. It is the longest I’ve run (again, I reset my record from last week) and I did it fast… probably faster than I should have, but oh well. It was 1 hr, 31 mins, 30 seconds and 9.5 minutes. That’s about a 9.30 miles, right?

that felt good for my ego, but then we did errands right after I did a ministretch at the car, and I think my legs turned to concrete. The rest of the day, I have been a bit achy, which I think is a byproduct of not stretching and then being on my feet for most of the day: quick trip to REI, cleaned house, washed dishes, and then made baklava. tsk tsk

Scale: 6. (One point I need to make: I am hard on myself, in case you didn’t know. When I started running about 3 months ago, I ran 12:00 pace and 3 miles seemed scary. I ran sub 10:00 pace for almost 10 miles and I am still alive….) duly noted.