I wanted to run!

Really, I got up this morning, and can safely say for the first time in years, I want to go out and run.

What a moment! It surprised me, I really wanted to go out and do it, and I felt confident in my abilities and had no preconditions or expectations of what I needed to do, I just was happy for getting up early and out into the cold before the traffic and stresses of the day could interfere with my run.

Needless to say, the scale of this run was a definite 10! I only ran 30 minutes in the neighborhood, but there were a few hills, and a few little slick patches of frozen water and it was beautiful and cold and I felt great. It was about 3 miles in 30 minutes: I am nothing if not consistent!

My legs felt a little heavy, probably still leftover sore from this weekend (Ivan surprised me on Saturday with a Bikram Yoga class and then a massage/soak later in the day — talk about getting the toxins out!). I was okay with how they felt and simply body sensed that they were a little tight and awkward feeling, but nothing to worry about or beat myself up about.

I keep focusing on keeping my heels high and light, my arm swing at 90 degrees (it feels so strange!!), and my head forward. Like Alice Diffely’s tips for this past newsletter, I imagined my forehead in some one’s hand and it helped my keep my chin down and head forward. Pretty neat.

I took the time to stretch out really well after running: the heaviness in my legs was mostly likely from not doing a leg drain on Sunday after the LSD (gasp!), so I made sure to stretch well today, especially cause I am going to get on a place this afternoon and nothing is worse than cramped quarters with cramped legs. Agreed?

I’ll be in Colorado for the holiday, running Thursday morning (heck yeah, then I get to eat a little bit more cranberry sauce and pie!) and Sunday LSD. If any of you reading this is planning to run anytime, write a comment and we can maybe get together.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.


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