I’m truly awe-struck by this epiphany

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I spent the last 2 years doing spring triathlons, and worked up to the LA Triathlon this year, .9 mile swim, 25 mile bike, 10k run. Running has always been my weakness, and by that I mean I couldn’t even finish the 5k runs at the end of the sprints without walking two to three times. And I’m lucky to finish a 10k in one hour. This has been very frustrating, as my swim and bike have always been strong, yet my buddies take me over as I writhe in pain for 3 miles at a 10 minute/mile pace.

I bought your book a week ago, and read the first two chapters(about 25 pages) before bed a few nights ago. I picked my friend up lastnight who is training for a half-marathon and told him I’d run with him, as I was excited to try the few things I learned in your first 2 chapters. Well, it resulted in something far beyond my wildest expectations. I ran 7.2 miles in one hour flat, never had to fight for breath, and as I sit at my desk 12 hours later, I feel no pain. Zero.

I can’t wait to finish the book and share it with my good friends. And maybe now I just might join my buddy for the half-marathon next month. And maybe a full marathon not much longer after that!
I’m truly awe-struck by this epiphany, I can’t get over it. I can’t wait to apply the same principles to swimming, biking, and EVERYTHING else.