I’m 54 years young and I just love to run

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Hello to everyone there at ChiLiving!
And my profound thanks to Danny for making the ChiRunning
accessible to me. I only recently discovered ChiRunning when I
found your website during lunch break at work one day. Then I
remembered having seen the book at Barnes & Noble. So I went and got
the book and started doing the exercises. I go for 10 minutes, 3 x a
day while at work….get posture straight, “step over the bar”,
one legged posture stance etc, and then at 90 bpm just a few yards
of ChiRunning experimenting with lean. I’ve taken this on my
training runs for several runs now. My 9 mile run last Saturday was
planned at 11-12 mi/mi pace with a walk break (per Jeff Galloway)
every 4 minutes. I used the walk breaks to renew my focus and
finished 9 miles (with the walk breaks) in 1:29! (10 min pace) And
my legs felt refreshed!! Now, yesterday I had an interval workout of
5×800 on my schedule. These were planned at 7:45-8:00 pace. After a
mile of  warm up and the loosening exercises, I got my posture
stance, got focused, and ran the first 800 in 3:29! My perceived
exertion level was that of about 8:00 pace (pre-ChiRunning). I
finished the 5 800’s feeling relaxed…GREAT!

I am getting ready to
run the Seattle Half Marathon on November 26 and with ChiRunning I
look forward to a really enjoyable run. Thanks so much to everyone
there! …Namaste….. By the way I’m 54 years young and I just love to run.
John Ummel