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so, I ran on Saturday, but it’s taken me 48+ hours to get around to it…. sorry for those of you who are breathlessly waiting for my next entry. ha!

Brynn and I ran together… (just struck me that we should have taken a picture at the end of our run!) we were a good pair: she’s been ‘off’ for the last two weeks of long runs because of cruddy nose/throat issues and I have been more or less lazy, so it was good to have the motivation to run with someone else.

the weather was beautiful and we met at Bent Creek about 12, so it was warm enough to not feel to terribly cold. I wore a lot of clothes, but lately my heart rate hasn’t been skyrocketing so I haven’t been shedding layers as a result. Actually, I didn’t even pull the gloves off for the better part of an hour!

Anyway, the stats are: 1 hr 59 minutes, 9.7 miles. We walked almost 2 miles at the end, to let the lactic acid keep moving and cool down. It was a great thing to do. The route we ran we a bit different than what I have done before, and required that both of us have different maps to decipher where we had ended up… It was fun! We stopped a few times to get food/munchies from our coats/shed coats/look at the maps, so we weren’t actually running the whole time and then we walked a little bit after each stop just to get moving a little bit more, but even with the stops and with the terrain which was probably close to 60% flat, 40% trail hills, we did darn good.

I don’t have any complaints about my body during the run EXCEPT that my right hip muscle is starting to talk to me again. I can’t figure out why it started to ‘flare’ up again, but I think it might be the cold and some pretty shoddy stretching skills. it hasn’t bothered me too much on Sunday or today, which is a good sign, but I’d like to just do away with my lame leg.

On Saturday night, after a good leg drain and mini stretches and a hot shower, my right leg was achy achy achy… almost like growing pains. I think probably from running but I am not sure why, but it could be because my left occipital ‘tendon’ was tight all day Friday and Saturday morning, tender and sensitive, so that may have been why: I was compensating for it somehow. That’s was Brynn’s diagnosis, and I wouldn’t disagree with her on that.

Anyway, the run was a definite 10. The weather was amazing, the trails were beautiful, there weren’t a ton of people, I enjoyed running with Brynn and exploring some new territory. It was really great.


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